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Risk Of Buying Imported Sheds

Importing and exporting has become a major activity in our world’s economy and New Zealand is no stranger to trading. Importing new products gives the population a variety of choices and access to products they would have never had access to before. It also allows retailers to offer their customers competitive prices and a larger range… however this is not always in the customers' best interest.


The Shocking Truth 

As great as imported products can be for us as a consumer, sometimes buying cheaper imported products can be dangerous, especially when it comes to sheds. 

FACT: The New Zealand market is being bombarded with imported sheds from China. 

FACT: Chinese imported sheds have not necessarily been tested and engineered to withstand the New Zealand climate. 

FACT: Many customers are ending up with products, which are dented, warped or are missing pieces, start peeling and rust after just one season.


It is shocking but true and customers in Australia are too experiencing the same problems. You think you are getting a bargain but it ends up costing you more when you need to find a replacement. And what’s worse you could get injured by the badly engineered shed during assembly or in high winds. 

We visited one of our manufacturers in Australia to discover what the risks are of buying an imported shed and how customers can tell the difference.

In summary 

     -  Most Chinese manufacturers use mild steel, which means it easily scratches, dents, bends and warps compared to our steel, which is high tensile steel and won’t do any of the above.     

     -  As demonstrated in the video, you can use office scissors to cut through imported steel due to its low quality where it’s impossible to do it with our steel sheds.

     -  Our sheds have been engineered with easy DIY systems where as imported sheds will required you to sometimes cut your steel to size, drill your own holes and often do not align properly causing leaking etc.

     -  Our kits comes with all parts and instructions to get it up in no time where as imports often don’t come with all the parts or worse, damaged parts.

How to Avoid Bad Quality Imports 

So when buying sheds online we recommend you find out if the products are imported or locally made. Some products adorn a “New Zealand Made” sticker but we suggest you look more carefully at the product details and who the manufacturer is. 

You are always better off with a local product, even if you are paying a bit more because you will be making a safer investment and can rest assure the product will last longer and no doubt be easier to assemble.