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At Cheap Sheds we do not only offer affordable prices but we do not by any means lower our standards and faulty of products. In fact we are committed to providing only high quality New Zealand or Australian made products that we have tested and are confident to last a lifetime in your backyards.

Our sheds are manufactured by highly reputable local or Australian shed manufacturers with 20+ years experience in the shed industry.

All of our sheds are designed for New Zealand and Australian climatic conditions and meet all Australian and New Zealand standards, unlike some cheap imported sheds.

We are the largest and most trusted online shed supplier so you know you can trust our sheds.




15 years warranty

 Garden Master   18 years warranty
 GALVO   10 years warranty
 Absco  20 years warranty






To give you a greater peace of mind all our Sheds are backed by manufacturers warranty: There is nothing worse than investing in a new shed to discover only 6 months later the paint starts to wear and peal, rust creeps in and all of a sudden it disintegrates… well this should NEVER happen with our products, especially if they have been taken care of.

You are advised to make sure your shed is built and secured to manufacturers instructions as a minimum to ensure its safety, but we do understand that on a rare occasion unexpected deterioration can occur so we make sure you are covered for that.

Remember our products have been engineered to be waterproof and withstand all weather conditions in our country but it is vital to read the conditions of each shed before purchase because some may be better suited for your local area than others. And some warranties will cover different circumstantial events.

So remember, because we are confident in our products, you can be too.