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Garden Sheds Wellington

City of Wellington

Wellington has been classified as one of the most remote cities in the world however it is still the second most populated area in New Zealand! The city and surrounding suburbs are densely populated and it was even dubbed 'the coolest little capital in the world' by Lonely Planet in 2011.

Buying a Shed in Wellington

Local Weather

Wellington is notorious for its southerly blasts of winds and has been given the nickname “Windy Wellington” by fellow New Zealanders. These blasts come from the Cook Straight and blow through the city causing the temperatures to feel much colder than what they are.

The city has also experienced earthquakes throughout their history, which in more recent years caused little damage. It is however something everyone keeps in mind when setting up a home.

Both the winds and the earthquakes are two very important things to consider when buying a shed. You will want to make sure that the shed is sturdy enough to withstand strong winds and in the event of an earthquake it will remain stable.

Tips to make sure your shed will meet both stability and strength is to,

1. Check that the shed you are after meets local standards and designed for local climatic conditions

2. Anchor your shed to a concrete slab after assembly (If your shed does not come with anchors be sure to add them in the accessories section).

By just following these two steps you will be keeping your shed and your family safe in bad weather.

Taking the right steps

If you are ready to buy a shed for your home, it’s best to first make sure you have taken all the right steps before getting out the credit card. You do not want to rush a big investment like a shed and find it has not ticked all the boxes once you get it home:


Getting a Permit

When installing a shed or any other structure on your property, you need to seek council approval first. Many people are either unaware of this or do not worry about getting permission. However, if you are caught you will suffer a heavy fine and will have to rip down the shed.

It’s not hard to get council approval, it’s just a matter of calling your local office and making an enquiry. A lot of the time garden sheds that are less than one level and less than 10 square meters in floor area are exempt from needing a permit but it’s recommended to always check first.

If you are unsure, ask your local council before installing your shed.


How is my shed delivered?

Cheap Sheds products are all transported and delivered as a flat pack. Some products come in two packages and others in one depending on the size. You will find package sizes on the product pages to help with planning.

There are two options for delivery:

* Home Delivery

* Depot Delivery

Both options are generally available for most of our products but some may vary so please check carefully on the product page what the options and fees are.

For detailed information about our depots and product delivery for Wellington please visit our official deliver page.