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Garden Sheds Auckland

City of Auckland

Auckland is often called the “City of Sails” due to its famous picturesque harbors, generally dotted with hundreds of yachts. It is the largest city in New Zealand with large population who are always seeking out quality storage solutions.

Buying a Shed in Auckland 

Auckland Weather 

It’s a city, which experiences a warm climate with humid summers and damp winters. Even though it is one of the sunniest cities in New Zealand it still experiences cold temperatures, heavy rainfall and on rare occasions snow… so having the right shed for your home is essential to ensure it will withstand the weather patterns.


Where you live 

Another common need is flexibility with sheds and other storage structures because 90% of the population live in urban areas. Unlike tight cities where people are living in apartment sky scrapers, people here live in homes which are dispersed around the city rather than on top of each other, so having a little extra room means you tend to accumulate more things.


Before buying the shed 

Before buying a shed for your home, you need to take the right steps to ensure you do it right, and yes you can do it all wrong and end up with the wrong product.  Here is what you need to do:

✔ First decide what you need a storage solution for 

✔ Then locate and measure the area you wish to use (keep in mind the maximum size most councils allow without a permit is up to 10 sq. meters) 

✔ Decide how many doors or how wide they need to be to ensure you have easy access to your items you store away e.g. your bikes, mower or BBQ 

✔ Next consider lighting- will you need to find power or get a generator, will you add in skylights and louver windows for more light and ventilation. 

✔ Before you search and buy the product you need, you must consider if you will DIY or hire someone to come and set it up. This is important and will determine where you purchase your shed and if there will be any extra costs to setting it up. 

✔Lastly, before hitting the buy button, it is best to check with your local council at this stage if you require a permit for your chosen shed for your property. It's best to be safe than sorry.

Do I need a building consent?

Getting permission from your council is something a lot of people forget to do and it is vital to installing a shed. If you do not take the necessary actions you may be fined. 

A lot of the time garden sheds that are less than one level and less than 10 square meters in floor area are exempt from needing a permit to build however each council may apply different rules in their own region so If you are unsure, check the full details in the Building Act booklet or ask your local council before doing any work. 

Can it be delivered? 

All our products at Cheap Sheds are delivered flat packed so they are easy to transport and delivery straight to you. We have 2 options available: 

   ✔ Home Delivery (More convenient)

   ✔ Depot delivery (cheaper option)

Depending on the brand or type of product you are after, delivery options may vary, however in general you have both options available. You’ll find the delivery details on individual product pages but regardless of your location we can deliver your shed to you, that’s no worries at all.