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Garden Shed Kits

It has never been easier to purchase a shed…

Gone are the days of driving around from one hardware store to the next in search of the right shed you need for your home. Today you can shop from the comfort of your home with all the storage shed options available in one store!

You will also find,

  • The largest range of sheds available in one spot
  • All the information you require to make the right choice at your fingertip
  • A group of speciliased and knowledgeable customer service members waiting to help

But most of all, and this is the winning key…

You are not only saving time but also MONEY!

Since Cheap Sheds is an online only store, we are able to save a lot of money on overheads and hence been able to pass these savings onto you by reducing the costs of sheds.


So how are we able to supply you with a shed and deliver it at such low costs?

Well it’s all thanks to the development of, 

Garden Shed Kits

What are Garden Shed Kits?

People are always looking for fast and easy storage solutions, which are affordable. So local manufacturers and engineers designed DYI shed kits, which could be easily assembled with minimal tools or experience and can be flat packed in cartons for easy transportation. This way the products can be made and sent direct from the factories to the customer.


Kiwi Made vs. Imported

Unfortunately not all sheds you find online are equal. With the number of imported models growing rapidly, our market place has never seen such diverse options before. You now have many products and retailers to choose from.


There are many inferior imported sheds available on the market place. Many have not been tried and tested to meet New Zealand standards and therefore are neither reliable nor safe for your home.

Locally made sheds have been designed by Kiwis and are built to endure tough weather. You can trust a shed, which has been made for you.

To find out more on how to spot a fake check out this video


Our sheds are delivered all over the country, and you can choose from two options:

  • Home delivery (more convenient)
  • Depot delivery (Cheaper option)

Your shed will be manufactured and transported in its kit form to your home or chosen depot ready for your collection.

All package sizes can be found on the product page of the website so you can plan transportation from the depot or storage in your home prior to assembly.

Sheds are dispatched within a week depending on the supplier. You can find out more information on our delivery page.


Sheds all come with a written warranty to ensure you are covered. Depending on the supplier warranty can vary between 15-20 years! Check out our warranty page for more details.


So if you are after a shed, which is reliable and affordable and would prefer to skip, the stress and hassle of hardware shop hopping then why not shop at Cheap Sheds New Zealand.

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