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Garden Shed Kit Assembly Options

“To DIY or not to DIY is the question”

If there is one-thing Kiwis do not mind doing, is getting their hands dirty and getting a job done. They are no strangers to DIY projects and as this becomes a growing trend, more and more people are enjoying the challenge of taking on small to large DIY projects around the home.

There is nothing more satisfying than completing a DIY project.

Garden shed kits are great DIY products, which are not only saving you money but are also easy to assemble. Designers and engineers spend a lot of time designing these products to ensure people can put it together themselves without hassle or injury.

However, DIY is not for everyone and we don’t expect everyone to pick up some tools to put a shed together either.

So if you are a DIY-er or not… or maybe not sure yet, check out the following to help you decide which option is more suitable for you:

I love a challenge and getting my hands dirty. There is nothing better than finishing a project around the home!

Welcome fellow DIY-ers. You will not be disappointed with Garden Shed kits. They have been designed to go up easily so there is little risk of ‘screwing’ it up.

Your shed will come flat packed ready for assembly and all the parts required to build it will be included so you will need very little tools.

You will also receive detailed instruction manuals with all our products including videos (some are here online and others will come as a DVD depending on the brand of shed).

Putting together a shed can be a great project and can be done in a day with a little help.

Recommendation: Get some friends and family over to lend a hand and it can become a great activity to share with loved ones (Plus it will get done faster!).


I prefer to supervise and manage a project. Not a huge fan of getting into the technical details or getting my hands dirty. I would rather trust a pro.

DIY is not for everyone but it doesn’t mean you will have to miss out on great affordable garden sheds either!

If you do not like getting your hands dirty or don’t want to risk it, you can easily hire a local handyman to come install your shed for you.

With the easy design and instructions it would be a piece of cake for experienced builders.

It may cost you a little extra for this service but at least it will give you peace of mind you knowing it will be installed correctly. The pros will do it quickly and safely while you can relax and supervise.

Recommendation: Its advisable to give your full product details to the builders on quotation. Do mention the product is locally produced, as foreign products can be more difficult to install, and note that there are assembly videos for guidance.