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Choosing The Right Shed

Everyone has different storage needs and when you are shopping for the right shed it can be difficult to choose because there are so many types, colours and styles available… it can be very overwhelming. 

To help make the experience easier we have outlined some key factors, which can impact what shed you will need.


Narrow space 

A common problem people face is not having enough room for a shed. Many are faced with narrow walkways and spaces around the home, which is often un-used. This space would be ideal for storage if there were a solution for it. 

Well the good news is, that there is a perfect solution for you… it is the YardSaver slim range. 

These slim sheds are great up against walls and are only 0.7 meters deep and 1.4 to 1.8 meters wide. They are narrow but still provide enough space to organise your items such as bikes, gardening equipment and even your outdoor furniture accessories. 

slim line   slim line   slim line


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Tight spot 

Just like narrow spaces, tight and awkward spots are commonly unused areas, which people could utilise for storage. We have had many customers buying sheds to fit into these areas and we usually recommend our small to medium sheds. They come in a range of different shapes and sizes, and some models have the option on where to locate the door to increase accessibility.  

small sheds   small sheds   small sheds


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Large objects 

If you have large objects to store such as a lawn mower, motorbike, camping gear or kayaks, you may need something a little bigger than the standard garden shed.  To make sure you get the right shed you first need to know what height and width you will require. Be sure to allow some extra space for accessibility. 

Common sizes for storage sheds are 2.8 to 3 meters. They are great medium size sheds and if organised well it can hold a lot more than you could imagine.


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Courtyard or Patio Storage 

Apartment and unit living can be a tight squeeze when you have a lot of stuff. What’s worse is finding storage space in such limited space. You are also often faced with regulations regarding what you can and cannot do. 

The good news is there is a solution! Our slim line sheds are perfect for apartment and small home living. They are light and easy to assemble and can come as small as 1.4m x 0.7m. They do not need to be fixed to the ground or wall as long as you get a flooring kit. 

We do suggest you check with your body corporate before buying a shed.



Under eaves 

So you have decided on a spot for your shed, against the wall of your home, but worried if won’t slide under the eaves of your roof. This is a common concern but something our shed manufacturers figured out many years ago. 

It comes down to the height of the shed you choose and the type of roof. We would recommend either 

   ✔  A sloped roof (skillion) which slopes forward and ensures water runs off if its slight sticks out from the eaves
   ✔  Or a flat roof which is ideal because it provides no angular shape and you can slide in a few longer and large items between the eaves and the shed for extra storage



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Need a space to work? 

A lot of people enjoy working on their own projects at home, be it arts and crafts, small business or getting your hands dirty and building a bike. Whatever it is, you will need a great place to do it in. A workshop has always been a great structure to add to a home and it can be turned into almost anything… 

   ✔  A home office
   ✔  Workshop to fix or break things in
   ✔  A cubby for the children
   ✔  Or even a man cave 

It’s important you choose the right one for your needs and this may mean picking the right size, colour and customising it with windows, skylights, shelves and other accessories to make sure it is perfect for its use.



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