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Chemical Shed Upgrade Kit

Choose a Safe Chemical Storage Solution for your home/property.

Keeping your family and workers safe is essential, especially when you use or store chemicals close by.

Chemical exposure and contamination can be highly dangerous for anyone including pets which is why you need to seek out a safe storage solution. It is recommended to store chemicals in well lit and ventilated areas such as a specially designed shed.

Sometimes buying a chemical shed that meets all the requirements for your purpose can cost $2000 to $3000 or more!

Spanbilt, the creators of the YardSaver have been providing New Zealand with quality sheds for many years, recently introduced the 'Chemical Shed Upgrade Kit'.

This kit is available on selected shed ranges at Cheap Sheds as an add on and you will find it is affordable while at the same time providing you with a safe storage solution for those harmful chemicals.

By adding the chemical shed kit upgrade to your shed can significantly reduce the cost.

Storing domestic and workplace chemicals require proper storage space and practice. Sometimes it comes at great cost. Agricultural & veterinary chemicals are even more regulated and essential that they are properly stored following the New Zealand guidelines, so it’s best you check with your council for assistance.

This accessory item provides a flexible and cost effective solution for your small storage needs on your property.


The kit will converts all specified sheds in the ranges below into reliable and affordable storage facilities for the farm, vineyard, home or wherever minor chemical storage is required.

It is added on and part of the DIY process. You will receive instructions on delivery.

Available on Flat, Gable and Sloped roof sheds in the ranges.

Not available on YardPro ECO 1510 & 2010 workshops.


You can shop online for your shed at and add the ‘Chemical Shed Upgrade Kit’ from the accessories section.