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About Steel Sheds NZ

Garden Master 1.6m x 1.1m   Galvo Shed 3m x 3m   Spanbilt S42 Slope

In New Zealand you are able to choose from a variety of types of sheds. However, if you are looking for a shed, which is easy to assemble, easy to maintain, and something you can trust to protect your belongings, then you should consider… 

Steel Sheds 

Why choose a steel shed? Well the biggest benefit of owning a steel shed is that it is low maintenance and doesn’t rust or peel. It is incredibly tough and can withstand the harshest New Zealand weather giving you peace of mind. 


What type of steel do we use for our products at Cheap Sheds 

The storage sheds we supply are made out of high tensile steel, which is flexible and extra strong. 

The quality of steel used in our products is the best on the market worldwide. We use three types of high tensile steel: 


Zinc Steel 

Zinc steel is a zinc and aluminium alloy that is specifically developed to withstand the harsh climate conditions. The combination of the two metals forms tough but lightweight steel.


Colour Steel 

Colour steel is made of the same core metal as Zinc but has been given two layers of colour paint. This paint is burnt on to ensure it doesn’t fade, rust or peel under the toughest climatic conditions.  It is the top of the market and is recommended because painting steel with normal house paint often results in peeling and fading.


Galvalum Steel 

This is carbon steel coated with aluminum-zinc alloy. The result is a coating that lasts a long time, a coating that provides cut-edge protection along trimmed edges, and therefore, a steel that offers excellent protection and will last a life time. 


Local Steel Sheds vs. Imported Steel Sheds 

Cheap Sheds only supplies Australian and New Zealand made steel sheds. We do so not only to support local manufacturers but also to ensure our customers are receiving only the best quality sheds available. 

The products imported from China and other countries can sometimes be made using low strength low tensile/ low quality steel, which means they often lose shape, parts don’t line up and they rust easily. The biggest concern is that they are not designed or tested to local manufacturing standards so they are not built to withstand the countries weather.


Steel Shed Sizes and Styles 

Steel sheds do not only offer strength but because of the flexibility of the material you can choose from many different shapes, styles and colours.  You can select a shed to match your home, blend into its surroundings or even become a focal point on your property.

There are many options available in our 3 ranges: 

   ✔  YardSaver
   ✔  Garden Master
   ✔  Galvo 

Steel Shed Assembly 

Another great thing about steel sheds is how easy they are to assemble. They are delivered flat packed with all the parts required including step-by-step instructions. 

Each brand has its own instructions but they are all simple and easy to DIY. 

There are also assembly videos available for most products. Videos can help speed up the assembly process because as they always say, ‘a picture is worth more than a thousand words’.